Simplicity Rocks It!

Good evening, Pretty Party People!

Today was a great style day for me! The best part? I didn’t even know it!

Upon waking up way too late this morning, I realized that I had no time to think about what in blazing glory I was going to wear!(so always listen to those nagging alarms, ladies and gents!) The result? I threw on my yesterday’s jeans – because we all know that the second wear is the best! – and added a simple tee and a flannel. My hair had been straightened from the day before so I rubbed a dryer sheet in it – the best dry shampoo around! – and pulled up the top half! A little bit of powder and some liner and mascara aannnnndddd voila! I walked out the door feeling accomplished for making it. The thing is: everyone loved it! I think I got more compliments today than I have in a very long time.

What’s the lesson here? Simplicity is fine! Just rock it out and feel good about it.

Waking up late may not always be a curse.


Just a plain and simple thursday

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