Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

I’ve been super busy these last few days preparing for the big V-day! I hope you all had a wonderfully perfect day with your boo, your friends, your Ben & Jerry’s… however you spent it! I went to swing dancing lessons with my boyfriend (and Madeline and Bethany!) and then the two of us watched The Notebook in a blanket fort we made…while eating french fries from Sheetz (: He gave me a ring (which I LOVE) and here’s what I got for him:

Sorry for the terrible picture quality, I had to use my webcam because I was in a hurry. I have him a wittle teddy bear that I thought was really cute, some gummy bears (his favorite), a book that I hollowed out and glued two hearts in, some homemade heart candies for his family, and a little book I made with crayons.

I filled it with cute little quotes I found and drew pictures to match. It may be a little cheesy, but I love it!

Have a lovely evening! xo Sara

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