puppy love

Top: American Eagle / Skirt: Vintage / Shoes: Urban Outfitters / Necklace: $1 at the flea market! / Ring: either from my brother or my aunt, but I’ve had it for years

All three dogs happened to be on the porch as I was taking pictures, so I tried to get a family photo… yeah, didn’t quite work out. But the good news is, I’m officially adopting my foster dog Lucy!!! Yayyy!

xo, Sara

coral & pearls

Oh how in love I am with this dress. I found it at a vintage dress sale for $10 and it was worth every penny! I can’t wait to find somewhere to wear this to. The beading is so intricate and beautiful and gahhh! I’m totally in love! Hahaha.

xo Sara

last friday night

Dress and cardigan: H&M / Necklace: vintage / Backpack: local flea market / Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Last Friday night I didn’t dance on tabletops or any of those things in the Katy Perry song, but I did have a lot of fun! First, Bethany and I hit up the flea market with Shawntell and Peyton, then we dined at our favorite Mexican restaurant in el mundo, El Jinete. After that, I supported Bethany, Madeline, and Shawntell in the county variety show. They did wonderfully! (: And FINALLY, I got to see the Hunger Games! It was a great movie, although as usual, I liked the books better. I’m glad the movie followed the book really well though! Whether or not you’ve read the books, you really should see this movie. It is soooo gooooood! It made me wanna go run in the woods and try not to get killed, haha. All in all, pretty good night.

I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend!

xo, Sara

polka dots

Dress & pearls: vintage / Shoes: Urban Outfitters

I still can’t believe I found this beauty at a thrift store for $5. And all I had to do to alter it was take out the shoulder pads (:

xo Sara

our animal shelter!

All three of us volunteer at our local animal shelter and we care about the animals there so very much! Some very exciting things are going on at the shelter right now. They’re in the process of getting  a brand new building, and to help raise funds for that they’re opening up a thrift store downtown! My two favorite things… together! I seriously could not believe the wonderful news. I know where I’ll be thrifting this summer (;

Anyway, the shelter just launched its new website, and the point of this post was to share the site with you all! Take a peek and just maybe you’ll find a special furry friend, or at least be inspired to visit your own local shelter.


Even if you can’t adopt a little doggy or kitty, there are still plenty of ways to help!

  • Collect old or unwanted blankets and towels for donation
  • Volunteer to do miscellaneous shelter jobs, like laundry, mopping, or tidying up
  • Foster a cat or dog until they find their forever home! My foster dog Lucy is a sweetheart
  • Run a pet food drive for your shelter
  • Socialize cats and/or walk dogs to help them become more adoptable, or to just make their day!

And to end this post, here’s a picture of my rescue dog Mandy. She’s just a little crazy…

xo, Sara

sweet springtime!

It’s been 80 degrees here all week and I’m loving it! It’s given me a chance to wear some of my favorite dresses, like this one. It’s weird to think that it’s really only the first day of spring… what’s up with that, Mother Nature?

Dress and cardigan: H&M / Shoes: Urban Outfitters / Necklace: Forever 21

I love pairing black & white with a bright, bold color. It’s like my favorite thing, ever! You can almost never go wrong with it because it’s so simple. Hope you enjoy this look (: xo, Sara

lace & bows

Our friend Shawntell’s outfit was so cute today that we just had to blog about it. She’s our first guest outfit post!

Shirt: Thrifted / Skirt: PacSun / Shoes: Payless

I love the bow detail with the scoop back. So cute! And isn’t her bird tattoo amazing?! She designed it herself, using all music symbols. So beautiful.

Have a lovely day! xo Sara

a little birdy told me

When my friend Shawntell told me I looked like Birdy today, I was a little confused. But then I went home, looked up a picture and some of her music, and wowzers. Her voice is beautiful!! I love “Shelter” and “High As the Sun.” And I guess we have the same sense of style, too! Yay!

Dress: H&M / Shirt: Forever 21

I would highly advise you to take a listen! She’s fabulous.

xo, Sara