DIY: A Lace Wall

I love displaying jewelry. So. Much. I bought this piece of lace from the JoAnn’s half-off scraps pile to use in some future project, but I quite liked the way it looked on my wall so I hung it up and spread out some necklaces on it. I used standard old push pins to hold up the fabric and jewelry, scattered the necklaces so they would be spread somewhat evenly, and voila, a lace wall.

I hope you like this super easy and cheap way to display your pretties! xo Sara

4 thoughts on “DIY: A Lace Wall

  1. Very cute! Loving lace and loving this idea. 🙂

    We are three friends with one blog too…. though it is different I am really loving what you guys have done!

  2. This is a great idea! May I recommend wrapping the lace around a canvas and perhaps even framing it with a frame from the flea market? I’m totally inspired now!


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