Five little pretties…

Hi guys! It’s Sara. Here are some pretty things I’ve been obsessing over lately.

This vintage 1960s dress from roxandsam on Etsy is to die for. It’s a bummer that someone already bought it, but at least I have the picture to gaze at all day (:

Can I just look like this, now? I’m absolutely in love with the styling of this outfit found on Tumblr. The atmosphere… ahh!

Why don’t people dress like this to school anymore? Sigh…

If I didn’t already have my dress for the Masquerade next week, this would be it. I especially love the little bow on the waist!

And lastly, yummmm. These red velvet cream cheese cupcakes look scrumptious. Must try this recipe.

I hope you all have a lovely evening! I’m about to head out with the girls. Wooo!

xo Sara